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 Site News:
08-Jan-2012: Updating this site a bit, more accurate status of projects, links.
20-Feb-2008: Added more existing (but almost forgotten) projects (from backed up "old Cowtowncoder" archived) in Hatchery.
05-Feb-2008: Added home page for Aalto XML Processor project.
30-Aug-2007: Added Jackson JSON processor project in the Hatchery
19-Jun-2006: Resurrected web site (or at least the front page); work still in progress.

Agenda's mission is to support Open Source projects by offering two simple services: the Hatchery (aka open source incubator), and the Moo-able Type (aka blog).


The hatchery is a light-weight Open Source project wor space, similar to bigger open source hosting services and incubators like SourceForge and Codehaus.

Currently incubating projects include:

Most projects in the Hatchery are expected to eventually move out to "full service" repositories: for example, following projects started at the Hatchery but have since "left the nest" so to speak:

Moo-able Type (Blog)

Following blogs are published from CowTownCoder:
  • Let's Talk about Stax mostly covers things related to open source projects listed above, such as:
    • XML processing using Stax, be it using basic Stax process like Woodstox, or convenience library like StaxMate.
    • Json processing using Jackson.
    • Any other interesting developments within Open Source world
    • Insight on programming, development, mostly tidbits of wisdom others have uttered.

About Us

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